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Friday, August 26, 2011
Lineage: End of Days

The Lineage 1 servers have been shut down permanently as of 6/29/11 2:00PM EST. Its sad to see it go, but all good things do seem to come to an unfortunate end. My personal favorite moment that of the final event came on the second to last day. The final siege of Lineage. Our goal as TheRegulators was to be the last pledge to take hold of the Giran castle. As anyone who sieges would know, Giran is basically the crown jewel of all the castles. Its the most difficult to take over, and houses one of the best exp grinding spots in the game. Originally we thought we would meet little opposition, but we were wrong. Players from the Depardieu server made characters on LOA to flex their PVP muscles in an attempt to show everyone who were the top dogs. What better proving ground for this than the last siege of Giran in Lineage history? So, TheRegulators fought with dep for a good while, but they were pretty damn good, and slowly growing in numbers as the siege went on. Eventually the rest of the server figured out what was going on, put the Oink vs Playboy war aside and came to our aid. Some very big enemy names from Oink, RF, GM and other bps were whispering me on MrFish, letting me know they were sending some people to help me out. Our numbers slowly grew to the point where we not only out numbered the Dep pledges (I think it was 3 Dep bps vs 1 LOA) but were were starting to outclass them as well. Still we fought tooth and nail until the end. It came down to the wire, but we did manage to take the Giran castle one last time. I think it was ender that said it was the perfect fairy tale ending, seeing even the great Oink vs PB war being put aside in order to take on a common enemy. It was a great feeling knowing MrFish would be the final king of Giran!

With that being said, here is my farewell video to you all. I wish everyone that played this game the best of luck in the future, regardless of in game political affiliations.

GOOD LUCK IN REAL LIFE EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 08:20 am by MrFish86
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Tuesday, February 02, 2010
Test Server is such a damn TEASE!!!!

bluuuuuhhhhhhh......... Of course it goes +11 on TEST server! So damn lame. I popped it after about 15mins of testing. It is a nice weapon though lol. Hopefully we'll meet again some day v.v


Posted at 09:20 am by MrFish86
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Posted at 05:47 pm by MrFish86
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Seeing as how the x2exp x2drop event is about to start, I'm going to keep this VERY short. I have no new news to report (other than I'm not going to do a daily post of my exp... too much work x.x) BUUUUUT!!!! I do have a Christmas present for all Lineage players out there...

Image Hosted by

THAT'S RIGHT!!!! I made a Lineage Font!!! :D So if you would like to accept this present, just click on the hyperlink below, and put the file into your font book. Hope you guys like it! ENJOY! :)

MrFish's Lineage1 Font


Posted at 12:22 pm by MrFish86
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Saturday, December 19, 2009
The Daily 7

Well, its true... I am back in Lineage. Its been a while since I've updated, but that's because the vast majority of TheRegulators quit either all together or just until the next episode came out, so there wasn't much going on. On top of that, school and life are always more important to me than Lineage is, so I left Lineage cool out for a while and I didn't pay for my account. But shortly after I decided to not play, the Halloween event came out and sounded really tempting, so I reactivated. When I came back there were 2-3 people on at a maximum, so it was then that I decided to shut down the regs and move on.

Yep that's right! for those of you that don't know, I chose a side in the biggest pledge war on LOA, and joined Playboy. I am still extremely nooby at PVP, but I'm mainly there as support by throwing down some auras and calling people to town that are para bound. Also, siegeing is AMAZING! I have so much fun at those things. I've died three times so far, but its not like I'm exactly hiding, I've been one of the royals trying to get that damn crown, so I'm a giant red target towards the end of the sieges q.q So dieing 3 times in total out of the 4 sieges I've helped PB in so far is not all that bad. Its really intimidating to see absolutely everyone in 70+ morphs all around you, while you're still 55+ x.x Check out a couple screenshots from the latest Giran siege.

Its so damn amazing, we took over Giran castle somehow the other day, and were able to defend it Friday morning. there were so many damn people vping at once, I LOVED it!! All sieges do is make me want to lvl up as fast as possible to be able to land some nice hits on people. I did lvl up durring the thanksgiving exp event, which was kick ass.

So that makes just 1 more lvl until I become a silver fish v.v I'm not sure if its possible or not, but my plan is to get 6-7% per day until I go back to school. That will put me right in line to lvl up before I have to bust ass again in school. We'll see if I'll make it or not. I think to help motivate me, I'll post my exp each day starting tommorow. Oh man this will suck! hehe So that is basically it for this update, but I have not been playing at all for the past few months, so there's nothing fancy to report. Hopefully by the end of this lvl I'll have something nice for you guys. BUUUUUUUT! I WILL leave you with something nice. I just bought these things for pretty damn cheap (could of asked me for 100-150mil more and he would have been justified in doing so) so I'm pretty damn excited. I've been trying to get these for a long ass time. WOOT! they're in my inventory keeping my feet warm as you read this! :D CHECK IT OUT!!!!

I'm very excited about those little guys! Hopefully one day I'll be able to find a nice +10 Devil's Knife for sale. I'll let you guys know about that for sure hehe. So yea... TheRegulators are on an extreme hold right now, and if they ever return, they will HAVE to be a small pvp pledge much like GoodMorning or AllOriginals, which would be a lot of fun in all honesty. So until next time....

p.s. special thanks to L3g3nd and DragonEarz for the loans v.v (I appreciate it to no end)

GOOD LUCK HUNTING EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 08:03 pm by MrFish86
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Thursday, September 17, 2009
What a Chump...

Image Hosted by

Posted at 01:19 am by MrFish86
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Monday, August 31, 2009
Boss Event 2009

Woot! ok, so as long as the power doesn't go out again, I'll be able to make this post. Not much text in this post really, too annoyed to retype things lol. But there's plenty of pretty pictures for you to look at in this post.

Well needless to say, the boss event this year was EXCELLENT! it was a lot of fun, and completely consumed me for the entire duration. Now I promised I won't say much in this post, but I just wanted to say this...

Image Hosted by

WOOOOOOOOOOOOT I MADE A +10 DIAMOND SWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahaha sooooo happy about that v.v been trying for so long to get my hands on one of those. #126 goes +10! woot ^^ The reason I tried to pop my +9 was that I made a +9Devil's Knife and it was a little stronger than my DS, so I figured what the hell... why not... I had a bdai in my inventory, Shota did his juju magic on me, and KAPOOF +10!!!!!!!!!!!! woots ^^ hehe ok ok, here's the most members I've seen online at once, some action shots, followed by the boat that brings pack agro mops (the 3 grims were pack aggro), lindvior (was like 38 oinks there so I got 0), a monitor slip up, and my overall results from the event. ENJOY!

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

One last thing I wanted to show was something a good friend of mine was able to get their hands on during the course of the event. FUCKING RIDICULOUS! I wish I could use it for sure Q.Q Congrats v.v

Image Hosted by

well that's about it for the results of the boss event! Much nicer when I don't type so much huh? :) WELL TOO BAD! I'LL BE TYPING MORE NEXT POST!! Well until next time....

Posted at 05:11 pm by MrFish86
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Friday, July 31, 2009
DK and Grim

Image Hosted by

I promised Carla I'd post that screen shot, so there it is, in ALLLLLL its glory! That's carla's 1st ever Grim. I wish I was on vent at the time, people say she was gitty as a little school girl, I really wish I was there lmao. Congrats on the kill carla, good job! v.v

Next picture is very important. Fate recently hit lvl 52 and is a brand new fresh baby DK!!!! So kick ass dude, I hope you love that poly as much as I did when I was that lvl v.v

Image Hosted by

Guess what! I lvled up too!!! wooooooooooot yay yay v.v I really slacked off that event too haha. After I lvled up, I tried to kill Polluted Orc Warrior, and it too until 20 seconds left on the server to end it, really close one there x.x Of course it only dropped adena lol.

Image Hosted by

Aside from gaining some exp here and there, we 've gone on a few bp hunts. Lastavard 4th floors is fucking awesome still v.v We all love that floor, but it seems to hate us since we havenít had a good drop there since..... a x2 drop event way back when. Since then, NADAH! The first lasta 4th floor hunt went horribly wrong when members were DC'ingfrom NC's extreme lag spell. Fucking pricks abandoned us and took away all competent staffers and put them on the Aion project....... They are abandoning ship, and its pissing me off. Ugh... But yea, they DC'd some of our members while hunting there and we had to eventually stop when 2 members DC'd in the middle of killing Hellvine x.x We went through it flawlessly the next time though, no deaths, no DC's, did all floors easily :) was some nice team work. But, no drops, oh well, next time maybe.

Image Hosted by

GAH! NC just makes me angry sometimes, and having people point out their obvious flaws is always very frustrating for me. Surprisingly though, Lyzira was on Lin the other day evn though she moved on ::COUGH COUGH take notes Seridrove! COUGH COUGH:: We were talking for a while just about movies actually lol. iRobot and AI, here's a SS of what she said when she first whispered me.

Image Hosted by

ahhhhh..... COME BACK LYZIRA SO WE'RE NOT STUCK WITH YOUR UGLY SISTER SERIDROVE!!!!!!!!! ugh..... whatever.... ANYWAY! here's an ass load of bosses I've been a part of killing. Nothing too special dropping to me. (CURSED!) But just know that there's 2 brand new bosses here for me. Vampire and Seer. Both are..... well.... really weak lol. Never expected vamp to flop from just 2 low dmg bows.... Whatever. And even less expected was how fast Seer got squished (maybe 7 seconds honestly....) Was uhhh.... Kind of a let down. Oh well, I'm sure Grim Reaper and Lich will make me happy :D I think that's all I have in terms of TOI left.... Oh wait... Zenith Queen, Cougar, Lich, Grim Reaper. Almost there, 4 more to go yaaaaaay!

Well that's about it... MAN it might not look like it too much, but this post was a MESS to get together!!! Don't know what was going on. Basically every little thing that I use to make these posts wasn't working for me (you honestly do not want to know how long I was working on getting this crap to work) Maybe my computer's dying... hmmm, hope not! haha. whatever, it's done now x.x Well, until next sloptacular post....


Posted at 02:26 pm by MrFish86
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Sunday, July 12, 2009
1 Month of Lin

Before I start saying anything in this post, I wanted to post some nice lvl ups from a couple pledge members and a former pledge member. Ycymry just hit DK and is loving it v.v, PRETEND has just hit BK and he's looking more bad ass than ever, and Toy hit lvl 55 literally 10 minutes ago! (looking REAL good in black v.v) Congrats guys! you've earned it! :)

Image Hosted by

Well its been a little bit over a month since I last posted, so I have a lot of screen shots to share. Usually when I don't post in a long time, that usually means either nothing much has changed, or I've just been grinding out exp. Well, I wish it was the latter, but its definitely the former. Nothing at all has really changed in terms of gear/ drops/ or anything for that matter. So when I have nothing that I find interesting to post, I just don't post heh. But! its been long enough where I've at least collected a lot of ss's of bosses, drakes, and pledge hunts where this post will be interesting again :) So First off, I guess we can start with the 2 Holliday emblems we've been sporting for a little bit! One of which is BRAND NEW! :D

I'm gonna miss the holiday emblems, its always nice to have a little change like that to keep things fresh. Who knows, maybe I'll tweak the actual emblem again soon. I dunno, we'll see. On Canada Day we all went to SOE for a pledge hunt, and that was pretty damn fun. But before that, we had a sweet full party hunt on 80th floor of TOI. Here's a SS of all of us.

Getting a full party of 8 together and going anywhere at all is always a blast v.v Hunts like that actually make lineage fun to play. But back to the Canada Day Hunt! So on Canada Day (7/1) 10 of us ran to SOE and attempted to hunt there. Here's all of us super confident that we're gonna own SOE, right in front of the eye.

At first I figured we would hunt just like anyone would hunt there with a healer. I figured we should just push through the start of SOE and make our way to the 1v1 spot, and keep falling back there if we got in trouble. If it was a party of 3-4 max that would have been fine. But since we had 10 people, navigating through those small areas becomes VERY hard. So it goes without saying that we go trapped away from each other by an ass load of mops x.x We tried this plan twice before we realized how bad it was for 10 people. Sooooooooooo, on the 3rd try we just went very VERY slow and killed all mops on screen before advancing forward. We eventually got the hang of it and had a little military line up (mages in back, line of bows, line of melee). It looked really bad ass v.v I forgot to SS that sadly lol. But a little bit into this hunt that was finally going excellent, I went for a pull of mops and found Tarak. Somehow Forge knew we were there and that tarak was up lol. He offered his help to drag tarak back to the start to clear it out of the way of our hunt so that it wouldn't bother us. I tagged tarak, and he tagged mops. Needless to say we were all very thankful for Forge's help. Thanks man! v.v

After tarak was gone, we invaded his castle and started to hunt there. That place is really pretty v.v Here's an action shot, and a ss of the right part of his little castle.

The hunt lasted about 3.5-4 hours or so all together. It was really fun. Not that many frag drops at all even though it was during the "karma event" Whatever, it was a blast v.v We lasted there until we got way way way overrun in there lol. That always seems to be how pledge hunts go, shitty, less shitty, amazing, overrun by mops and getting owned haha. its always worth it though :)

Ok, so now onto the bosses that I've killed this past month. These things never want to drop good lol. But I really don't kill that many to get good drops. Here's some AG's I've gotten, and yes his cow shirt does look awesome v.v

Ok, so that's all I have for AG's. The next boss is Mummy Lord, and holy shit can he hit hard! That first one where I called him an ass was a complete shit show. I think eva died twice, I died twice, and pyro died once to it. I don't know what the fuck was with that one, it was just hitting REALLY hard x.x The others were complete cake lol. ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

Next is a couple of Iris's. It was so exciting killing her for the first time!!! :D She has a really smooth walking animation, it looks wierd in person lol. Its like she's..... 3D clay? I dunno, its strange. You'll know what I'm talking about if you see her.

The next are just random bosses that I didn't get any repeats of. And plus, look! a bzel from an egg! yay ^^

In terms of what's blessed/ cursed/ normal, I couldn't tell you at this point. I completely lost track. But trust me, I am by no means rich lol. Any bzel would still have to be split into the whole group, so a bzel can mean like 200k or so for me. But I do have a pocket of change now though v.v

Also in order to make money, I needed to stop losing money, so I had to change hunting spots. I started to hunt TOI a little bit, and realized I was getting a lot of blues. So when I checked on how many I had saved up in all, I had around 9,000 blues (a little more than that), and realized that they give 100 crystals per pot..... soooooo I popped them all into crystals lol. That took a LONG time! Q.Q I don't recommend it lol. Here's all the crystals I got from it (it ended up being a bit over 3.5mil that I made from all that popping)

Image Hosted by

Well that's really all that's basically happened in the past month. I've been lvling and dying from DC's or stupidity so my exp bar has been back and forth a few times. I'm KIND of hoping to hit lvl 58 by the end of the month, but we'll see if that'll work out or not. I'm not that far into 57 at all right now, trust me lol. Its really not even worth mentioning my exp right now x.x Buuuuuuuut, we'll see if I hit lvl 58 by the end of July or not. Hope so! :D

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm This post seems to be missing something...... Oh yea! drakes. Here's a month's worth of drakes, (there's a coupld of DE's and Farruuk's in there also v.v) I think I missed a SS on a few of them, but whatever, there's plenty lol. And again, I have NO idea how many bzels/czeld/ whatever I got from these. Maybe around 2bzels, 6czels, 4cdais, and some nzels, something around that. So feast your ears on this Spinmaster's Mix! (reeeeeeeeefffffffffferenceeeeeeeeeeeee)

Image Hosted by

Woot, gotta love killing drakes v.v Can't wait for the next episode so I can start working on my Drake Statue! v.v Well until next time....

GOOD LUCK HUNTING EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Without saying anything about what I'm about to post, I wanted to start this off by giving a HUGE congrats to my friend Nicolo. He is one of the hardest working 100% leget people that plays on LOA, and he's finally managed to hit the big lvl 70! So sa hello to a bran new Platinum Dark Elf! congrats man, you earned it v.v

Image Hosted by

Well aside from that crazy awesome lvl up, I've been grinding the last 30%+ of my lvl 3 karma in SOE. That place is really fun actually. Just being able to solo those mops makes me feal like a complete bad ass. While grinding that % I got all 4 books in order, and got me some cursed blood, woot woot. (it says it does something extra special when used with devil's blood. I tried it, but it does nothing, anyone know what its talking about?)

Image Hosted by

After getting the blood I continued my grind. So MUCH FUN!!! well, late into the grind, I finally came across This guys....

Image Hosted by

He's easy enough to kill if you have enough time, and there's no mops around him. Once the priests come rushing in, you better run. We had to drag him to the eye and go again to end him. Oh and I posted his drops on that screen shot. Oh what's that? Didn't see the drops? Hmmm... that's odd.. because he dropped 0!!!!!!!! ASS HOLE BOSS! Q.Q!!! No biggie though, it was a fun kill. Love seeing bosses no matter the outcome. Well very shortly after that (maybe 2 hours), I finished my grind!!!!! CHECK IT OUT!!! :D

Image Hosted by

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!! FESTIVAL EARRINGS!!!!! now I don't have to touch SOE or TOS unless a boss is up. Thank God! haha I hate TOS since I've found newer and better places to hunt. Just costly q.q Oh well, that's about all I wanted to share. Until next time.....

GOOD LUCK HUNTING EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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